1. Ranny Hill
2. The Gray Barn
3. Hamilton's Hill
4. Ballyboe Lough
5. Mulroy Bay
6. The Old Milford Bakery & Flour Mills
7. Columcille's Chair
8. The Holy Well, Holy Well Hill - the site of an ancient Ring Fort
9. Milford Mart
10. Lough Napuckan - the lough where the old IRA disposed of ammunition after a raid on the old RIC barracks in Milford.
11. The Lough Road Junction
12. Bunlin Bridge
13. Golan Church
14. Mass Rock
15. Rock known as The Peddies Now, where a travelling salesman on a bike took his rest back in the 1920s
16. The Old Diamond Dance Hall
17. The Marian Shrine


Ballyboe Lough 



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