milfordgolanchurch.jpgGolan Walk (10km Approx)

Start on the Lay-by at the right hand (1) between Milford Graveyard and Bunlin Bridge. Continue across Bunlin Bridge. This bridge was blown up during the Irish Civil War in the 1920’s.
Once across the bridge, turn right (towards Carrigart) and directly on the left hand side is the Bunlin Mass Rock (2). This is where Mass was said regularly until the Lagg Chapel was opened in 1829 and later Golan Chapel.

From the Mass Rock, turn back past the bridge and travel on straight towards Golan. After about 2-3 km you will climb a short, steep hill. This point of the road is called Nancy’s Brae (3) named after a local woman who used to live there.

The next point to note along the road is St. Bridget’s Chapel (4) on the left. The Chapel was built by local people in 1870. The site was donated by Lord Leitrim.

Continue on straight on the same road, up and down hills, until you cross a small bridge, and directly on the right hand side in the corner of the field you will note a raised stoney mound. This marks Dermot and Grainne’s bed (5).

Continue up the steep hill until you come to the road junction, turn left and immediately on your right is Carrownaganonagh School (6). This school was built in 1912 and closed in 1970. Behind is the remains of the old school and in this area (heavily overgrown now) there is a Mass Rock (7) and a Ring Fort (8).

Continue down the hill towards Milford for about 1-1.5km and according to local people, there is a children’s burial ground (9) located on the left hand side. This area is also heavily overgrown. It is also said that at least one adult male was buried there during a long spell of very wintery weather.

Further down this road on the left hand side, some distance off the road, and not very accessible is the Golan Loop Waterfall (10).

A short bit on further towards Milford and you will arrive at the Moss Pad (11). This is a pad through what used to be a forestry over a foot bridge that leads on to Golan Chapel. This pad is open and accessible for walking. It was opened in 1953 by a Priest called Father Arnold who was stationed in Golan at the time.
Continue towards Milford until you arrive at Loreto Community School (12) on the left hand side. This school was founded by the Loreto Order and first opened in 1966. That building has since been demolished and the present building opened in 2008.

1-1.5km further on and you arrive back at point (1).


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