The base of the Cranford is the sight of the old Cranford school which closed in 1965.

  1. Travel on the R245 towards Carrigart on the opposite side of the road is the sight of the old Cranford post office opened in 1930 and closed in 2006, owned by the Carr family.
  2. The Old Forge and Bar. The forge was built in 1920 and the bar in 1950, owned by the Logue family.
  3. Cranford Park, famous for its sporting events, sports days dating back to 1907.
  4. Lime kill, port and R.I.C barracks. The barracks closed in 1923 and the kill and port closed in 1959.
  5. Cranford bridge: over the big burn.
  6. Cranford community centre opened in 1973.
  7. Turn up the L12125 and the first steep bray is called the Craig.
  8. To the right you can see the wall stead of the old school and monastery.
  9. When you travel along the flat road 500 yards to the right there is an old burial ground to the left is the old road to the bog known as The Broadroad.
  10. The steep brae to the top is known as Gileses Bray.
  11. The junction at the top is known as the stick.
  12. It is recommended that you take a short detour to the right to Shantalow to view the stunning loch Anivore the area around the lough is known as Towneylought.
  13. You return back along the highest point of the route with stunning scenery to the Brakeney hill where you turn left down the hill (right takes you to Knockrany and Lough Sala)
  14. Continue down the hill known as the Breagh Face.
  15. At the bottom of the bray there used to be a walkway to the bog known as the Rodden.
  16. You then travel on till you cross Roberts Bridge over the big burn known as Carmoney.
  17. Than you travel along Hunters field until you come to Willies Bray.
  18. You stay left at Hunters corner (L12123) until you join the main road at the midtown stream, there is a well at the junction.
  19. The area to the right towards Bunlin is believed to be the old area of Kinavaire.
  20. You turn left along the R245 up the hill, The Gray Stones, with the shore dale to the right
  21. Wall stead to the left was Hunter family.
  22. The new Cranford school is on the left opened in 1965 the field opposite is known as nannies field.
  23. The field below the information sign at Cranford park is known as the Minister’s Breagh it is believed this was a burial ground in Gaelic times.

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