Disgust as tickets for Donegal match on sale for €350 on ebay!

Tickets for the All-Ireland quarter-final between Donegal and Dublin this weekend have been put on ebay for a whopping €350!

It’s a double-header at GAA HQ on Saturday, with Tyrone and Mayo clashing first, before Donegal and Dublin go to war. The GAA expect the double-header to be a sell-out at Croke Park this weekend.

There is a huge demand for tickets from supporters in all the counties involved, with those desperate to see the games scrambling for tickets.

However, there is disgust amongst GAA supporters nationwide after two tickets for the quarter-final went on ebay for €350. The face value of the tickets are €30.


Supporters are calling for GAA authorities to stamp out the issue of touts getting their hands on tickets – who are pricing the genuine fan out of the games.

One irate Donegal fan told Donegal Daily, “It’s just a disgrace, it’s so wrong, something has to be done to alleviate this problem in the GAA.

“Every year, you hear the same stories regarding tickets for the knockout stages of the All-Ireland series.

“Genuine fans being priced out of going to games by touts, the tickets are getting into their hands far too easily, and there only interested in making a profit of them.

“€350 is just absolutely disgraceful, it’s not on and something should be done about, when Donegal got to the All-Ireland final there were tickets going for €1,000, the GAA need to do something now!”



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