Mulroy Community Health Forum

Covering Ros Goill, Milford & Fanad.

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What is a Community Health Forum?

It is a group of individuals and organisations in a community that come together to discuss and act upon local health matters to enhance the health and wellbeing of their communities.

What is the aim of a Community Health Forum?

To support, protect and improve the health and well-being of the local community.

What does it do?

Members of the Community Health Forum engage with the local community and its representative groups on an ongoing basis to identify needs and issues. These matters are then discussed and prioritised and plans are developed to address them.

The Forum also initiates, develops and supports community based health projects by using local assets and sourcing funding to develop and deliver projects that promote a healthy community.

Who does it link with?

The Forum links with the wider community and any agency or organisation that can best respond to the health needs identified by local people. Representatives from the Community Health Forum sit on the HSE led Primary Care Teams and this allows for two-way feedback between the team and the forum, and to the wider community.

Who can be involved?

Any group or individual who sees health and wellbeing as central to the development of their community and who is willing to use their local knowledge, experience and understanding to bring about positive change.

A Community Healthy Forum (CHF for short) is a network of community/voluntary groups and individuals that comes together on a regular basis to bring together the collective health issues, knowledge and concerns of the communities of the area it covers and to present them to the local Primary Care Team, or take action on them in other ways.

The Community Health Forum aims to be a network that is inclusive and that promotes a healthy community, using all the considerable resources in a particular locality. It is a voluntary group, working alongside the Primary Care Team and the HSE, but independent of them.

Community Health Forums adopt a very wide view of what issues have an impact on individual health and may work on issues such as rural transport provision, information on local services, support to parents of teenage children, community facilities, security concerns of older people, mental health education, meals on wheels, men’s health, etc.

The CHF also sends representatives to Primary Care Team business meetings where a range of primary health care topics are discussed. The Forum aims to act as a link between the Primary Care Team and the wider community.



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  • State: Co. Donegal


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Mulroy Community Health Forum

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