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Cloud Computing & Management

Understanding the value which cloud computing can provide to business is a key factor when deciding what IT solutions best fit your needs

There is much discussion around the benefits and simplicity of ‘the Cloud’ but how do you know if your business can avail of these new services and ensure theywill deliver the promised advantages?

ITMAnager are well placed to advise on how cloud solutions can eliminate unnecessary costs and improve your business performance. We understand the complexities of moving to the cloud and can develop a cloud-ready plan for your business and implement your move.

If you are a start-up business, we have the solutions to get you up-and-running swiftly. With our experience as a provider of Cloud Integration services, we can provide you with expert guidance and a migration path for your business where appropriate.

Cloud Computing is technology which should be examined strategically for a business. It is not just about selecting the appropriate cloud solutions but how IT will inter-operate across the business.

Domain Management

We can’t over emphasise the importance of owning your own domains!

But knowing you are the owner of your domain is ponly the tip of the iceberg! Even on a basic level you need to know if and where there is hosting and what types!

ITManager simplifies domain management by becoming a central location where you can see all of your domains, along with their various registrars, expirations dates, nameservers, hosting spaces, renewal options and contacts.

Furthermore, we can consolidate exisiting and new domains and manage the transfer process so that you don’t lose continuity.

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