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Wills & Probate

It is important to make a will in order to ensure that your loved ones are provided for as you would wish, and proper planning can ensure that tax liability is minimized. At Brendan Kelly Solicitors we have experienced staff specializing in all aspects of wills and estate planning. We will create your will to accommodate your specific wishes in a sympathetic and professional manner
The probate process is a difficult one for executors and beneficiaries alike. At Brendan Kelly Solicitors we can help you through the often complex legal issues surrounding wills and probate. Our primary aim for all our probate clients is to provide them with all the necessary legal support to achieve a tax-efficient and expedited Grant of Probate.
We promise to process applications for probate with the minimum of difficulty for the client. We are experienced in resolving probate disputes which may arise between family members or beneficiaries of an estate.
We provide comprehensive tax efficient advice on all matters related to making a will to include:
Making and / or reviewing of Wills.
All aspects of the administration of a deceased person’s estate.
Probate or administration intestate. An administration intestate is the process of administering the estate of somebody who died without making a Will.
Creation of Trusts. This can vary from a simple trust Will for children who are under the age of 18 or 21 to more complicated trusts for vulnerable persons.
Enduring Powers of Attorney. Where a person can appoint one or more persons to look after their affairs in the event that they become mentally incapacitated at some stage in the future.
Ward of Court Application. Where somebody is no longer capable of making decisions for themselves but have not made an Enduring Power of Attorney. This process enables the next of kin, in conjunction with a representative from the Wards of Court office, to make decisions, to carry out acts on behalf of the person who has become mentally incapacitated.
The Nursing Home Fair Deal Scheme. This is a scheme the purpose of which is to provide financial support for people assessed as needing long term Nursing Home care.
If you feel we may be of assistance in any of the above matters, please contact us for some informal advice without obligation.


Business/Company Law.

Our experience and knowledge gives us a clear understanding of both the legal and business environment. At Brendan Kelly Solicitors we advise on all areas of commercial and company law such as mergers and acquisitions, re-structuring, shareholder disputes, shareholders’ agreements, corporate governance, partnerships, re-organizations, company secretarial, franchising, corporate recovery, commercial agreements, and outsourcing. We can advise you on any of the following business law issues:
Shareholders’ Agreements /Partner Agreements designed to regulate the important issues between the shareholders or partners.
Drafting and reviewing the Terms of business.
Advising on distribution, agency, licensing and franchise agreements and intellectual property issues
Advising clients on the sale and purchase of companies.
Advising directors on their obligations and duties as directors.

At Brendan Kelly Solicitors we understand the need for efficiency and competetiveness when advising our clients. We specialize in advising small established and start-up firms on how best to structure their business at every stage of development.


Family Law

Brendan Kelly Solicitors have experience in all aspects of family law. We appreciate the level of emotion and stress involved. We promise to work with our clients sympathetically with patience as the process works through the legal system. In matters involving guardianship, custody and access, we are sensitive to the needs of children and work towards a resolution which will minimize the impact of litigation upon them.
We always encourage our clients to find a solution to their marital difficulties if at all possible since it is cost effective as well as less traumatic to everyone involved.
At Brendan Kelly solicitors our approach is to assess your individual problem and advise on the legal issues which must be addressed . We promise to keep our clients advised of the costs involved.
The aspects of family law in which we specialize in are:
Agreements following mediation
Post-divorce proceedings
Uncontested divorces
Custody/joint custody
Care cases/child abuse
Paternity cases
Child abduction both domestic and international
Adoption both domestic and inter-country
Financial settlements
Support/maintenance matters.

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