Emaciated dog found in state of near collapse

An animal welfare group has revealed shocking photos of a skeletal greyhound which is feared to have been abandoned.


The Animals In Need (AIN) group said today, Monday, that the “starving” greyhound was “emaciated” and in a “state of near collapse”.


It was found by chance as a volunteer drove along the Ballindrait Road last Friday.

An AIN spokeswoman said: “The AIN volunteer stopped traffic and then carried the dog to her car as he was too weak to walk any farther.

“Named Spiorad (Spirit) by his rescuers, the male dog, who is approximately three years old, was then taken straight back to Donegal Town to an AIN foster home.

“He was settled down on a comfortable duvet and put under a heat-lamp to warm him up.”

Animals In Need volunteer Anne, who is now caring for him, said “This poor fella is in seriously bad shape. He's lucky to have escaped.

“He's covered in sores from top to bottom, extremely emaciated and all four paws are torn open and bleeding.”

The highly-experienced fosterer added: “He had all but given up. If not for the quick thinking of Fiona and Orla, who found him and have the kindest hearts, he would have most certainly been killed on the road.”

AIN revealed that a after a good sleep, warmth and small meals of special dog food, Spiorad is now able to stand up and has even managed to wag his tail at his rescuers.

The group believes he has a long road to recovery ahead, but is in the best possible hands and hopefully will be ready to start a new, better life in a loving home before too long.

For further information on adoption, fostering, volunteering etc, please contact the main helpline on 087 1356188.

For cat and / or kitten enquiries, please call 087 7644420.

Animals In Need Ltd Donegal is also on Facebook and has a website at http://www.animalsinneeddonegal.com.

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