Donegal to Calais - Refugee Support

Donegal to Calais - Refugee Support


We are two brothers (Francis and Declan Meehan) from Milford, Co. Donegal who are planning to make the trip to Calais in France with a van kindly donated by a local businessman. We intend to fill it with items needed most by refugees who are still arriving there everyday, even since 'the Jungle' camp has been removed. Many of those in and around Calais have come from war-torn Syria, and many of those are vulnerable, unaccompanied children and young adults.

We, like so many of you, have been hugely touched by the refugee crisis that has been raging over the past few years. We've felt the same frustration at the lack of support, humanity and care that has been shown to these people fleeing from some of the most wartorn regions of the Middle East and Africa, as well as at how they are being portrayed in some of our media. So we've decided to head over there and try to ease their difficulties just a little in the run up to Christmas.

We will be travelling to Calais the weekend of December 16th. Money raised will go towards the cost of fuel, a bit of accommodation and the ferry and Eurotunnel. Anything not put to those costs will be donated to Care4Calais, a charity working on the ground with the refugees there. Time is of the essence so please donate as soon as you can - no matter how little. Every little helps!

We are also looking for people to donate items - sleeping bags, heavy blankets, tents, boots, coats, etc. Things that will keep those sleeping rough warm through the winter. Our drop off point is with Premier Services in the IRD Office, Main Street, Milford. The full list of items needed is available here.

We would be hugely grateful to all support received! Also, please spread the word and share on social media! 
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