DMRT successfully rescue walkers on Muckish

SARDA IN mountain search dog Cody, working alongside the Donegal Mountain Rescue Team (DMRT), played a vital role in finding a Scottish couple lost on Muckish Mountain in Donegal.


On Wednesday afternoon (21st June), Gardai tasked the Donegal Mountain Rescue Team (DMRT) after receiving a call for help from the Scottish couple who said they were crag fast and disorientated in thick mist.

They said they had been walking on Muckish mountain but had become lost when the mist descended. Garret Wilson, Team leader of the DMRT and SARDA IN dog handler, was eventually able to contact the couple by phone and managed to determine roughly where they were. When they got to the general area he sent Mountain search dog Cody out into the mist to search for them.


Cody eventually, returned and barked to indicate that he had made a find.

Cody then led Garret and his colleague up into a deep ravine, following the scent plume from the couple, straight to them. Happily both were safe and well but had become stuck on ledges about 30 feet apart from each other.

They were eventually assisted down by the DMRT using safety ropes and returned to their car none the worse for wear.

WDMRT4.jpgell done Cody, Garret and the Donegal Mountain Rescue Team.


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